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Why John B Is The Only Style Inspo We Need In Quarantine

Updated: May 11, 2020

If you haven't binged Outer Banks yet, what have you been doing?!

Pause whatever show you've been watching elsewhere and open Netflix, immediately. Enter: Outer Banks, my new favorite show. And since it's #2 in the US, you can't really miss it even if you try. The 10 episode series follows five high schoolers and their families around (you guessed it) the Outer Banks. From beautiful coastal scenes and gorgeous people to a mystery-fueled plot filled with deception and unexpected twists, you'll forget for a few hours that we're actually living in our houses in ~the age of quarantine.~

Anyways, back to the point of this post: the style makes me wish I lived on the ocean and could hop on my fishing boat, pick up my friends and go chill for the day. But alas, I'm landlocked in Upstate NY. So, until I can make it to the OBX myself, I'm getting inspired by the style trends of the cast, starting with the star, John B.

1. High Tops - This show literally opens with John B drinking a PBR on a roof saying, "Our mission this summer is to have a good time, all the time." (SAME JOHN, SAME!) But he's also rocking classic high-tops, which brings us to our first style inspired by the show: Converse Chuck 70, $85; shop now.

2. Bandanas - The obvious takeaway from John B is his obsession with bandanas. If quarantine existed in this show's tv world, he would be so set for DIY face masks. But TBH, my first question was, how does he not have a bandana tan line?? Regardless, it's time to add a few of these to your summer wardrobe. Madewell Two-Pack Triangle Bandanas, $22.50; shop now.

3. Denim Bermuda Cutoffs - Right now we've all been living in joggers and sweatpants, but with temperatures rising, what's the next quaran-trend? Tiny cutoffs are simply not happening for me. (Does 'summer bod' exist in 2020?) So, when I saw these shorts after watching the first few episodes, I hit 'add to cart.' 90s Boyfriend Denim Short, $37; shop now.

4. Seersucker + Camo - A pairing I never expected, but since no one will be seeing me any time soon, I may try it. My closet is full of shades of green to begin with, so I'm obsessed with the idea of an oversized green seersucker button-down. Next up, we have the camo backpack and full disclosure, I used to be so anti-backpack. Not sure where that aversion really began but, after wearing one for a few months, I was converted, and now, am even more so! J.Crew Seersucker Slim Casual Shirt, $17; shop now. MZ Wallace Metro Backpack Ocean Camo, $65; shop now.

5. Band Tees - In the wake of the endless concert cancelations, I'm leaning even harder into my collection of concert t-shirts. (Anyone else unable to abstain from buying merch?) With the show's incredible soundtrack (linking the Spotify playlist here), it's not a shock that they integrated some great band tees into the casts' wardrobe. Urban Outfitters Queen Band Tee; $39; shop now.

6. Zip-Up Hoodies - One step up from the pullovers we're all living in. We can stay cozy and be prepared for the warmer weather ahead, thanks to this JB inspo. I'm not one for spoiling the finale of a show, but I will say it involves a pretty crazy scenario with a this Aviator Nation piece feels fitting. 5 Stripe Hoodie (Blush), $189; shop now.

Thanks for the distraction and style inspo, Netflix!



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